Fight For Those Who Have Been Charged With Drug Trafficking

As the state of Florida makes an effort to crack down on a growing drug problem throughout the area, it is casting a broader net to catch all drug-related offenses, even in small quantities. At The Law Office of Randall J. Etheridge, we have more than 25 years’ skill and experience to combat these charges.

Escambia County Drug Distribution Charges Attorney

The mere possession of a small quantity of drugs on your property can be counted as trafficking, even if the substances are simply found in your house, whether you were aware of it or not. Attempting to wipe out the problem, law enforcement officers often trap innocent individuals on technicalities, ignoring obvious cases of misunderstanding.

Even providing a small quantity of illegal substances to another individual can earn you serious trafficking and felony drug crimes charges. These charges have the potential to put individuals in jail for lengthy periods of time, even for small offenses.

Intent must be considered and proven as charges are brought against you. Often prosecutors and law enforcement officers fail to prove this beyond doubt, but we will ensure that it is shown in court that you did not intend to engage in criminal activity.

Pensacola Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Should we determine that the state has built a solid case against you, we will work to control the damage. For more than 25 years, we have built strong relationships with local judges and prosecutors. We will work to provide evidence that may mitigate the charges and achieve a more positive result on your behalf.

We provide free initial consultations to fully understand the circumstances of your case and the situation upon which the charges are based. We will provide you with a highly customized and individualized defense against the charges brought against you. To arrange a free initial consultation, please contact us today at 850-542-0371 or toll-free at 1-800-829-6157.