A Strong Defense For Child Pornography Allegations

Many individuals charged with child pornography offenses never intended to harm or even involve underage children in the situation for which they are charged. However, the penalties that follow a conviction are harsh and will follow you far into the future.

When you find yourself facing these grave charges, it is important that you immediately contact a skilled criminal defense attorney. At The Law Office of Randall J. Etheridge, we are widely recognized to have the skill and experience needed to get results for our clients.

Escambia County Internet Porn Charges Attorney – Aggressive Defense Of The Rights Of Florida Residents

The internet has created an environment where it is difficult to completely know who you are interacting with online. Providing a level of anonymity, the web inevitably creates situations of mistaken identity and misleading conversation. Individuals learn later that they were engaging in risky conversations and behaviors with minors.

Also, information found on the computer may not actually belong to or have been initiated by the person implicated in the crime. Files and information are planted or downloaded in mass dumps of information, without the knowledge of the individual.

Even as the situation between the adult and the minor escalates to internet solicitation and a potential meeting, the adult still may not know that he or she is interacting with a minor.

Pensacola Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

Others may not believe you and may have already written you off. We are beside you though. We take your story through the appropriate avenues to achieve the best possible outcome. Just because you are charged does not mean that you have been found guilty.

The prosecution must prove that you willingly intended to involve a minor. We will show that you were simply caught in an unfortunate but incriminating situation.

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